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Studies of AcalaQuell®:

How the consumption of filtered Acala water can improve physical complaints.

We have been offering our water filters for almost twenty years and have received countless positive responses from customers during this time.
Some of these reports have inspired us to conduct scientific studies.
Our aim was to shed light on the effect of high-quality water on the human body.
The results of these studies clearly show that the improvements are no coincidence, but a real effect of Acala filtered water.

First study AcalaQuell

Second study(double-blind) AcalaQuell

The studies were conducted by an independent research institute in Freiburg (Recon) and published in the renowned International Journal of Public and Private Perspectives on Healthcare, Culture, and the Environment in 2021 and 2022.

The first study examined whether the health of the test subjects was influenced by the consumption of AcalaQuell® filtered water.
However, it remained questionable whether the observed effect was actually genuine or due to the placebo effect.
The second study investigated this possibility in more detail and clearly demonstrated that the health status of the participants in the first study was not due to the placebo effect.

First study procedure

The first phase of the research involved a group of 20 participants who were struggling with various health challenges, including cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal complaints and signs of persistent fatigue.
Over a period of three weeks, the participants drank 35 ml of AcalaQuell filtered water per kilogram of their body weight every day.

To measure the development of their state of health, a standardized questionnaire was used at the beginning and end of the three-week period.
The in-depth evaluation revealed a remarkable reduction in physical discomfort that was directly linked to the consumption of the filtered water
In addition, there was a significant improvement in resilience to both physical and mental stress,
accompanied by an increase in cognitive abilities and increased emotional stability.

It is important to note that rigorous methods were used in the statistical analysis to ensure the reliability and precision of the data collected.
These results indicate that the consumption of AcalaQuell filtered water has a significant influence on the
on the health conditions of the participants and could therefore represent a promising approach for improving general well-being.

Second study procedure

Given the potential for placebo effects, the second study was conducted in a precise and careful setting.
The number of participants was doubled to 40 and the participants were split into two groups, with each group consisting of a mix of 22 women and 18 men, with an average age of 46.6 years.

As part of a double-blind approach, the first group was given normal water to drink, without any knowledge of this, which was visually indistinguishable from the jug from which the participants in the second group drank.
The second group consumed the filtered AcalaQuell water.
The participants in both groups consumed an average of 2.628 liters of water per day.
Standardized questionnaires (CLR and GSCL) were used to comprehensively record the variety of complaints, including gastrointestinal complaints, cardiovascular problems and fatigue.

The extensive results and findings of this double-blind study, which rule out the potential for placebo effects, can be viewed in detail on the following page.

This research provides compelling insights into the actual effects of consuming AcalaQuell filtered water on participants’ wellbeing and health.

Conclusion: With a filter from AcalaQuell, your health is in good hands.
This is confirmed by the second study.

The second study clearly shows that the use of an AcalaQuell filter can have a significant impact on health.
The comprehensive results confirm that your long-term health and well-being are in safe hands by using an AcalaQuell filter.

The results are clear and leave no room for doubt. The health of the test subjects who consumed the filtered AcalaQuell water showed an impressive improvement of 38%.
In contrast, the participants who received the placebo only recorded an improvement of 8%.
The difference observed (0.7 < d < 2.0) underlines the comparatively smaller effect of the placebo effect compared to the clear and demonstrable effect of AcalaQuell water.

Just three weeks of AcalaQuell water consumption can improve body awareness

If you continue to drink tap water, it is unlikely that anything new will happen after three weeks. You feel the same as you do now.
But after three weeks of drinking filtered water, chances are that you will feel much better. Just like the participants in the study who dared to experiment for 3 weeks
and drank living, AcalaQuell-filtered water.

The reasons for this improvement in the participants’ health can be attributed to various factors,
the cleanliness of the filtered water, its richness in healthy minerals or, above all, its hexagonal and living structure, which is largely destroyed in ordinary water.

If you do something regularly, you will reap success. Instead of a short-term yo-yo effect with a cure, habit changes achieve better results in the long term.

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