Water filtration systems for pure, healthy enjoyment, sustainable and close to nature

Quenching thirst with an AcalaQuell water filter is sustainable, carefree and convenient without the hassle of carrying bottles.A

Spring water attracts us. It bubbles with energy and intuitively we want to drink from it. It tastes good and refreshes us. There is nothing more delicious than fresh, pure water! This is exactly the taste that an AcalaQuell offers every day. Just as pure spring water gushes out of the mountain, AcalaQuell water runs out of the AcalaQuell filter system in your home.

Tap water is a strictly monitored foodstuff and comes straight from the tap at home. But with the best will in the world, the quality of mountain spring water cannot be attached to it. However, if you don’t want to do without spring water quality, Acala is the right place to go.

Because we love nature so much and appreciate what it produces, we follow its example in the way we purify and treat water.
There is no water waste, as with commercial osmosis systems. These often flush back twice the amount of water unused and only a fraction comes out of the tap.

AcalaQuell water filtration systems do not need electricity and work without pressure on the water. Lediglich die Schwerkraft lässt jeden Tropfen Wasser, den Sie einfüllen, zu köstlichem AcalaQuell Wasser werden. As delicious as in nature, because the ingredients responsible for cleaning and preparation come from nature.

With Acala water filter you can get clean drinking water from ordinary tap water. It is the result of years of experience and scientific research and gives the water back its natural source quality. This is essentially done through sophisticated water filter systems that build on each other. It starts with a fine ceramic pre-filter that traps rust, suspended particles, germs and bacteria.

This is followed by the actual purification process in the AcalaQuell. Consisting of high-performance activated carbon, ion exchanger, bioceramics, zeolite and quartz sand, the AcalaQuell cartridge filters out unwanted substances such as lime and nitrates and enriches the water with minerals, calcium and magnesium. When passing through the filter cartridge, the pH value of the water becomes more alkaline. Thus, our water conditioner for drinking water ensures a soft and digestible drinking pleasure and creates the basis for physical well-being.

The AcalaQuell filter makes use of gravity. The water independently makes its way through the individual filter layers, recovering from pressure and misinformation and getting rid of unwanted stowaways along the way.

This means that suspended solids and other undesirable water components are filtered out by the multi-layer water filtration systems through natural diffusion. This technology, known as ReNaWa, was developed for water filtration systems in Japan and Germany.

No matter whether at home or in the office, the treatment of drinking water by AcalaQuell is possible almost everywhere;

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