Acala water filters have the following advantages:

  • a water as nature once thought
  • the same high quality technology is applied to all filters
  • the water is filtered without pressure, completely following the natural gravity
  • the water is renaturalized during the filtration process, with the specially
    developed ReNaWa® technology, and thus regains its natural structure
  • extremely fine ceramic pre-filter with a pore size of only 0.2 to 0.45µm (mu)
  • free from adhesives
  • free from plasticizers
  • Easy to use
  • intuitive structure
  • no power
  • no fixed water connection needed
  • detectable reduction of: Drug residues, hormone residues, chlorine, rust, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Excerpt laboratory analysis:

Trihalogens 99.23%
Copper 93 to 99.9%
Silver, Uranium 99.9%
Pesticides e.g. Lindane 99.9%
Metals e.g. Lead 99.9%
Atrazine 99.9% Bentazone 99.9%
You can find more analyses here

  • High-tech activated carbon with superior retention capacity (Iodine value 1200)the high performance activated carbon is filled in its original form without stuck blocks
  • handmade storage tanks made of genuine and pure crystal glass
  • food grade plasticizer free plastics
  • Quickly accessible and friendly customer service
  • comprehensive advice on the phone or on site at one of Acala ‘s locations
  • fast shipping

Treat yourself to a box seat at the pulse of nature and enjoy water as fresh from the spring with a water filter from Acala.

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