Ceramic pre-filter for AcalaQuell® Mini

32.90 CHF inkl. MwSt

Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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A world first for clean drinking water. This is how the new water treatment plant in Lucerne advertises itself.
The world novelty to purify water is a ceramic filter!!!!
For Acala, this is not new, but time-tested. For over 12 years, our customers have been successfully cleaning their water with the excellent ceramic pre-filter, among other things.

With an AcalaQuell® ceramic filter you have a very fine pre-filter that reliably and carefully filters out the coarse residues from the water.
Its pores with a very small opening of only 0.2 – 0.45 µm (micrometers) ensure that undesirable substances do not pass through.
For comparison: A pore of the AcalaQuell ceramic prefilter is on average 300 x smaller than a human hair.

Thus, the ceramic pre-filter protects extremely effectively against bacteria. Sediments, rust, sand, suspended particles, etc., all these substances can not overcome the fine small pores of the ceramic filter and are deposited on the outside of the ceramic.

This filter is already used by many millions of people in the world.
Minerals and trace elements that are dissolved in the water and are important for health remain in the drinking water.
The exceptional performance and meticulous cleaning of your drinking water will be visible on your ceramic pre-filter over time.
You can see the brown, yellow or red deposits.
Depending on the condition of your water pipes, you may have more or less buildup. These deposits are undesirable substances that we do not want in our drinking water.

What exactly is ceramics?

We are surrounded by it every day. Our dishes are made of it, we put our food in it for storage, we walk on it, wash ourselves or our dishes in it. We decorate our home with objects made of ceramics.
Things, such as vases, bowls, sinks made of ceramics, are part of our everyday culture for many millennia. The oldest known ceramics are from the Jomon culture about 13,000 BC.
The term “ceramics” comes from the ancient Greek word “keramos”, which means “fired clay” or “fired earth”. Accordingly, in ancient Rome, the Romans called it “terra cotta” (baked earth).
At high temperatures, raw materials and compounds are re-fused (sintered), this leads to ever new applications and not only for sinks or tiles. Ceramic is one of the cleanest materials we know.
Ceramics consist primarily of silicates, i.e. minerals that have the characteristic “SiO2 tetrahedra” in common. It’s easier than it reads at first glance. When you consider that our earth is made up of over 90% silicate rocks, it’s not just a chemical formula, it’s the material we have most often available to us. Loosely speaking, a sink is simply made of stones and minerals.
Thanks to the ceramic material, we can use a variety of things up to precision workpieces, such as the AcalaQuell® pre-filter, or a dental crown, in our everyday life.

Scope of delivery:
1 x Ceramic filter
1 x gasket
1 x locking nut


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