Beginner’s Package AcalaQuell® Grande crystal clear white

550.90 CHF732.90 CHF inkl. MwSt

Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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Entry-level package AcalaQuell® Grande water filter with 10 liter glass tank for 2-12 persons

With this package you will receive an AcalaQuell® Gande including a ceramic filter,
one AcalaQuell® cartridge, and mineral stones – additionally you will receive two AcalaQuell® cartridges.

With this package you are supplied the whole year.

Dimensions : 65 / 70 cm high, 30 wide and deep (round)
You should have 80 cm height so that you can comfortably fill water
Upper tank: 4 liters
Lower tank:10 liters
the filter element will be changed every 4 months.
The ceramic filter should be changed about once a year, depending on the quality of the water supply.
The Acala Quell® Grande comes complete with ceramic filter, threaded ring, premium filter cartridge and mineral stones.
You can optionally order the Acala lime additional filter and also order your crystal glass water tank with the engraving Flower of Life.

Here you can get to a single AcalaQuell® Grande
Here you can find a short video about the installation of the water filter.

The largest water filter of its kind, the AcalaQuell® Grande is characterized by its larger storage glass. It can hold 10 liters of freshly filtered water for you.

Our AcalaQuell® Grande can be operated with the same components (ceramic filter, AcalaQuell® cartridges, mineral stones and lime pre-filter) as our AcalaQuell Smart,

AcalaQuell® water filtration systems are more than just water dispensers or descalers, they are a complete and well thought-out water treatment system. Without pressure, only with the help of gravity, you get from simple tap water clean drinking water of the highest quality and delicious taste. The 10-liter water container made of sturdy and food-grade crystal glass provides you with wholesome clean, cell-available water that will please your cells as well as your palate.

Water treatment with AcalaQuell® follows the principle of nature in combination with the results of intensive research and development. The multi-layered filtration ensures demonstrably the highest water quality. Pi technology for water treatment developed in Japan and Germany brings back properties of a natural source to your drinking water!
The result is a soft, digestible water and thus the basis for your physical well-being.

Your drinking water goes through several stages until you have a mild, soft water. Since no pressure is applied to the water, your drinking water has time to develop, just like a good wine.
Spring fresh purity for your home, on the road or even in the office, filter your water with an AcalaQuell® water filter.

The ceramic pre-filter will not let any dust or rust or suspended particles pass through. The ceramic with a pore size of only 0.2-0.45 µm* is so fine that no bacteria can pass through, thus providing effective protection against germs.
*A micrometer (obsolete also micron, or My after the Greek letter µ)
abbreviated µm, corresponds to the millionth of a meter: 1 µm = 10-6 m

In the second step, the water flows through the AcalaQuell® Premium filter cartridge. After purification by a special high performance activated carbon, heavy metals, nitrate and other unwanted substances are removed or reduced by ion exchange.
Traces of calcium and magnesium are released into the water. The pH value is slightly shifted into the basic pH range by the EM bioceramics.
The water now flows into a zeolite vessel, where molecules and minute components with a strong positive charge are removed. As a result, it acts as an ultrafine molecular sieve and catalyst. This is followed by a layer of tourmalines, in this layer the energetic quality of the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge is further enhanced.
Now the water flows into the last layer of the cartridge, as in a natural stream it is a mixture of various stones. The quartz sand is crucial for the good and fresh taste of your filtered water.

The mineral stones release minerals in traces to the water and have a slightly alkaline effect on the drinking water. You can control the taste of your water beautifully with the amount of stones you place in your crystal glass tank. The more stones you put in your crystal glass tank the spicier the water tastes and the fewer stones you put in your crystal glass tank the smoother the water tastes.


Premium cartridge, Advanced cartridge

Flower of life

with +50.00CHF, without

Annual supply of lime Additional filter

12 x decalcification granules, none, 24 x decalcification granules


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