Lime Additional filter with insert for the AcalaQuell® Smart/Grande

19.90 CHF inkl. MwSt

Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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Lime Additional filter with insert for: AcalaQuell® Smart and AcalaQuell® Grande

Filter can with one insert

This lime filter was developed for you by popular demand for increased lime in tap water, so you can decalcify your water. To keep the operating costs low for you, you can change only the filter material (the ion exchanger) and use the housing for a long period of time. So you save money and make an active contribution to our environment !

AcalaQuell® water filter systems do not automatically filter out limescale like a Brita water filter, for example. Calcium and magnesium are important minerals that our body needs to build healthy bones, skin and hair.
That is why we want to preserve the natural calcium and magnesium content in the water
and filter out only a small part of it.
If you have very calcareous tap water, it may be useful to place an additional lime filter in front of the filter cartridge (as shown in the example picture).
If you are unsure whether you should keep your AcalaQuell® with or without an additional lime filter, please contact our customer service, we will be happy to advise you.

This lime additive filter fits into the top of the blue threaded ring into which you insert the AcalaQuell®Premium
or screw in AcalaQuell®Advancedcartridge.

The blue threaded ring is included with the purchase of an AcalaQuell®Smart/Luna/Grandeand Advanced.

This additional lime filter is suitable for AcalaQuell®Smart, AcalaQuell® Luna, AcalaQuell® Grande and AcalaQuell® Advanced.
(Not for the small AcalaQuell® One and AcalaQuell® Swing water filters)

The statutory liability for defects applies.


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