Set of 2 Tritan bottle Grip 0.75 liters with flower of life imprinted

15.90 CHF inkl. MwSt

Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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The economy set consists of:
2 x Tritan bottle “Grip” 0.75 liters
2 x screw cap

The Acala Tritan Drink Bottle is very lightweight.
– it lies well in the hand due to the recessed grip
– has a leak-proof closure
-Opening has a diameter of 3.8 cm, so you can easily fill and rinse the bottle
– Ideal also for sports and in the car

So the ideal bottle for your drinks and in the set particularly good value.

The advantages of Acala Tritan bottle:
– dishwasher safe
– very stable
– there are no plasticizers contained
– no bisphenol-A* and bisphenol-B are contained
– tasteless and odorless
– suitable for hot drinks up to 80° C
– very light
– Lies well in the hand due to recessed grip
– leak proof cap
– Ideal for children
– free from formaldehyde**

* What is BisphenolA? What does “BPA free” or BPA-free mean?
Bisphenol A is an ingredient used to manufacture such as the plastic polycarbonate. It can be found in many everyday items, kitchen utensils and water bottles. Bisphenol-A is a hormonal pollutant that, even in very small quantities, negatively alters the hormonal balance of humans.

The use of bisphenolA in baby bottles banned EU-wide from June 01, 2011.
If there are alternatives to this material, they should be used. Of course, no one knows today whether and which substances will be classified as critical in Tritan in 10 or 20 years, but science can of course only ever refer to the latest findings.

In our opinion, it is important how long a food is in contact with the bisphenolA and what temperatures it has been exposed to. With mineral water in plastic bottles, the long duration is of course given, from filling to drinking can already be several weeks or even months, especially the recommended low mineral water has of course a stronger reaction potential with bisphenolA than stronger mineral water.

Also, many food or beverage cans are coated inside with a plastic that contains bisphenolA. In the case of canned foods, there is also the fact that they are often heated several times in the can to preserve them, which may accelerate the release of bisphenol A to the food.

If you have the possibility, you should at least use glass bottles or Acala Tritan bottles for water; Processed food in canned food should be replaced with fresh food.
When mixing cold foods in a polycarbonate container with a general duration of less than 2 minutes, only minimal amounts, if any, are likely to be released to the food due to the brevity of this process and the only brief contact with the plastic, as well as the lack of heat generation.

Nevertheless, we are pleased that finally also in Germany the material “Tritan”, which has been approved in the EU since mid-2010, is used in the Acala drinking bottles and we can already offer it to you. Tritan has already been used successfully in the USA since late 2007 and has proven itself in practice.

The statutory liability for defects applies.

** Formaldehyde
Some cooking spoons, spatulas, mugs (even for hot drinks), plates, some bowls and cutlery are made of melamine, a hard plastic. Unfortunately, from 70°C. Formaldehyde from melamine. In contact with acidic substances such as fruit juice, formaldehyde dissolves from melamine even at low temperatures.
Formaldehyde is a toxic gas that dissolves easily in water. In too high concentrations, it can promote cancer and cause blindness. It also impairs memory, concentration and sleep.

Our advice is to use stainless steel or glass bowls, drink from glass, Acala tritan bottles or ceramic and use wooden spoons.

The special grip of the recessed grip in the upper third of the bottle gives the bottle particularly much grip, this practical feature was finally also the namesake of our Tritantrinkflasche “Grip”

Our tip;
Wash your Tritan bottles by hand as often as possible, any plastic will be attacked and brittle by the salts used in cleaners, the less you clean your Tritan bottles in the dishwasher the longer you will enjoy them.
Clean your Tritan bottles with the help of stainless steel cleaning beads and a mild detergent solution. The beads remove debris and your bottle is by the mechanical cleaning, in most cases cleaner than in the dishwasher, where the water often does not reach the bottom of the bottle.


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