Set of 3 glass drinking bottle 700 ml BERLIN

89.90 CHF inkl. MwSt

Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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Set of 3 Acala glass bottle Berlin with softgrip coating 700ml

Save with the set.

With the bottle Berlin you transport your drinks safely and free of plasticizers such as BPA and BPB.

In these practical bottles you can store your opened drinks such as juices, milk and tea from the cardboard boxes well sealed and clean.

The large opening (3.5cm) allows for comfortable drinking and is ideal for adding ice cubes to your drink right away. Cleaning is also very easy due to the large opening.

more advantages of glass bottle Berlin

  • real glass
  • Offers a secure grip
  • Silicone jacket protects the bottle from breakage
  • ideal for trips, camping and travel
  • facilitates safe pouring for children due to the secure hold
  • the softgrip sheathing can be removed
  • the glass bottle is dishwasher safe
  • the loop allows easy carrying or hooking the bottle

Dimensions bottle:

Height with lid: 25.7 cm

Height without lid: 24.4 cm

Diameter: 7 cm

Drink opening; 3.5 cm

Lid 4.8 cm

Capacity per bottle: 700 ml

On the softgrip jacket is an AcalaQuell logo and on the bottom of the bottle the flower of life

Our Tip:

Clean your glass bottles with stainless steel balls, you will enjoy them for a long time,

The statutory liability for defects applies.


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