The flower of life

What is the flower of life?

The Flower of Life is a figure with a flower-like pattern, composed of various circles of the same size, with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon. It consists of 7 or more overlapping circles, in the center of which the circumference (outer edges) of 6 other circles of the same diameter meet.

Explained more simply: Different circles, at least 7, merge into one another. 6 circles are placed around the center circle whose outer edges, the outer borders, meet in the center of the center circle.

The symbol has accompanied mankind for thousands of years. In the Louvre Museum in Paris, in the Assyrian part of the building, you can see a doorstep that was found in the palace of King Ashurbanipal in Dur-Sharrukin. And all this 645 years before Christ. Also in the remains of a Roman temple in the area of the Great Mosque of Djenné. The symbol can also be found on gravestones in Celtic Christian churches, such as on the Isle of Man. Leonardo da Vinci worked intensively on the structure of the flower of life and produced numerous pictorial studies.
If you cut open an apple or other fruit and examine it with a microscope, you will also find the flower of life here. It is one of the basic geometries of life on our planet. The Flower of Life is part of the so-called Sacred Geometry. Let’s take a closer look at these before we get to how the flower of life can contribute to your vitality.

Sacred geometry

The basic statement, or the concept in general, of sacred geometry is not as mystical as one might think at first glance. Sacred geometry is used as a spiritual, philosophical term to explain the foundations of the laws of the universe based on Pythagorean geometry, the laws of quantum mechanics of the universe and the perceived connection between geometric laws that form geometric figures in nature.
In the past, temples and even Gothic cathedrals were built on this basis and this principle is still used today in the construction of Christian buildings. From churches to mosques, altars and religious monuments. It was assumed thousands of years ago that gods, later a god, created the universe according to a geometric plan. This is most obvious in bees, for example, and is known to everyone. Their nests consist of honeycombs with a perfect hexagonal structure. The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci is also based on a geometric structure that subjects the proportions of the human being to precise geometric rules.

What can the flower of life do for you?

The flower of life has a harmonizing and invigorating effect on us and our surroundings. If the symbol is worn as a necklace, earring or bracelet, for example, negative energy fields are reduced or even reversed. When worn, it can reduce the exposure to electrosmog to which we are exposed. The power of this symbol therefore has a very positive effect on us. It is said in expert circles that it supports the release of energetic blockages in our body and strengthens the flow of life energy.

However, it can also be used in other areas. On drinking bottles, it energizes the water and changes its hexagonal structure, making the crystals finer and more beautiful. Masaru Emoto has illustrated this very well in his photographs of water crystals. Many people also attach the flower of life directly to electronic devices such as monitors, computers and cell phones because they want to reduce electrosmog.

We also offer items with the flower of life symbol. It can be found on our plasticizer-free, food-safe and unbreakable Tritan drinking bottles. These are ideal for on the go, for sports or for your children at school. Our drinking water filters for pure and delicious water also have the flower of life either printed or engraved on them. Energy coasters on which you place your drink harmonize and revitalize it.

Flower of life

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