AcalaQuell Swing®

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Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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AcalaQuell Swing®

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Your water filter with lime pad, micro sponge, filter cartridge and

Flower of life.

The AcalaQuell Swing® removes over 99% of the substances we do not want in our drinking water, such as cadmium, lead, uranium,silver, chlorine, medicines and hormones. It is more than a water dispenser, it is a complete, yet compact water treatment system. Without pressure, only with the help of gravity, you get clean drinking water of the highest quality from simple tap water.

Ideal for 1-2 people or as an additional filter for on the road and in the office.

Water treatment with AcalaQuell Swing® follows the principle of nature in combination with the results of intensive research and development. The multi-layered filtration ensures demonstrably the highest water quality. The Pi technology (Pi= back to the source) for water treatment developed in Japan and Germany brings back properties of a natural source to your drinking water!
The result is a soft, digestible water and thus the basis for your physical well-being.

AcalaQuell Swing® water filter with fresh-source purity for home and office.
Your drinking water passes through various stages until you have a mild, soft water. Since no pressure is applied to the water, your drinking water has time to develop, just like a good wine.

The lime pad:
frees your drinking water from limescale by binding it to itself like a magnet.

The microsponge :
does not allow dust or rust and suspended particles to pass through. The AcalaQuell Swing® microsponge has a pore size of only 1 µm* smaller than a bacterium in water.

Only clear water can pass through these fine pores and thus the AcalaQuell® Swing filter cartridge remains free of dust, rust and sediments carried by the water from the pipes, your cartridge thus remains fully efficient throughout the entire period of use.
(*µm: one micrometer (outdated also micron, or My after the Greek
letter µ) abbreviated µm, corresponds to one millionth of a meter: 1 µm = 10-

The filter cartridge:
1. ion exchanger mixed with high performance activated carbon reduces lime, nitrate and heavy metals.
2. high-performance activated carbon with an iodine retention capacity of 1200! guarantees best filtering performance of almost all known possible contaminations of drinking water. Here, over 99% of unwanted substances are filtered out of the water.
3. pi technology (PI = back to the source or “revitalized water”): Advanced ingredients such as magnesium/calcium balls, various ceramics with tourmaline, quartz, EM ceramic powder (EM=Effective Microorganisms according to Prof. Higa) and a Pi magnet act on the water and give a soft wonderful taste.

Chlorine 99.9%
Metals e.g.
Lead 99.9%
Copper 93 to 99.9%
Silver, Uranium 99.9%
Pesticides for example
Lindane 99.9%
Atrazine 99.9%
Bentazone 99.9%
Trihalogens 99.23%

You save your back, you save your wallet, you save the environment.

With an AcalaQuell Swing® you relieve the environment considerably:
According to a study on the life cycle assessment of the ESU Services Institute, the purchase of 1 liter of bottled water pollutes the environment 90 to 1000 times as much as 1 liter of tap water! more info here:

Additional information:
The filter cartridge will be changed every 2 months.
The micro sponge, yes according to the load of your water pipes,approx. every six months.

The plastics we use are free from solvents and free from plasticizers such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and
Bisphenol B (BPB)

The Acala Quell Swing® is supplied including a filter cartridge and a micro sponge.

Both hygienically packed.

Height 28 cm, length with spout 26 cm, width 10 cm. So also fits in the refrigerator.
The curved handle, to which the AcalaQuell Swing® owes its name, makes it particularly easy to operate.

Container capacity:
AcalaQuell Swing® filler tank: 1.0 liter
AcalaQuell Swing® Withdrawal container: 1.3 liters

Filter time:
With micro sponge approx. 4-10 minutes/liter.
On the jug is printed the “flower of life”.
The lid is acala green (light green), dark blue, purple, light blue or white, you can choose the color when ordering.

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“Dowry – Of dirty rivers and blooming landscapes”

The statutory liability for defects applies.

Lid color

White, Dark blue, Green, Pink, orange, anthracite, rosé, light blue


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