AcalaQuell Wassetto starter package

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Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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This package will cover you for an entire year and you won’t have to reorder anything.
You will receive an AcalaQuell ® Wassetto with a cartridge and a micro-sponge, and you will also receive five additional cartridges and another micro-sponge.
A Wassetto offers you comfortable handling combined with a successful retro look that will delight you and is an eye-catcher for your kitchen.
Prepare clean, clear and tasty water day after day using the latest filter technology.
Customers worldwide trust in preparation with Acala and enjoy the subtle difference that they no longer want to miss.

With this product your health is in good hands.
This is what these randomized

double-blind studies show.

The filtering process

Just like in nature, without artificial pressure, the water flows through your Wassetto water filter through several different layers.
On the way through these layers, over 99% of impurities such as drug residues, hormones, lead, chlorine, uranium, mold spores, microorganisms, pesticides, etc. are removed.

The filter stages

The micro sponge as a pre-filter:

does not allow any dust, rust or suspended particles to pass through. The AcalaQuell® micro sponge has a pore size of only 1 µm*.
Only clear water can pass through these fine pores and so the AcalaQuell® jug filter cartridge remains free of dust,
rust and sediment that the water carries with it from the pipes.

This means your cartridge remains efficient throughout its entire service life.

The filter cartridge:

The filter cartridge contains Pi technology***, as part of the

ReNaWa® technology developed by Acala.

In combination with our many years of research and experience, we have managed to achieve natural filtering.
After the water has flowed through all layers, it tastes clean and pure again, like from a fresh mountain stream, making drinking a pleasure.
In one step, the water is purified and regains its natural structure.

Stage 1: Ion exchanger reduces limescale, nitrate and heavy metals

Level 2:

High-tech activated carbon

with excellent retention capacity (iodine value 1200!**) excellently removes pollutants!

Pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues, etc. are safely retained!

Stage 3:

ReNaWa mineralization

transforms your water into fresh spring water with the help of highly developed materials such as ceramic fired tourmaline, calcium, Magic Ball and noble magnesium as well as magnets, EM ceramics (effective microorganisms) and quartz sand.

Retention capacity:
chlorine 99.9%
metals e.g.
Lead 99.9%
Copper 93 to 99.9%
Silver, Uranium 99.9%
Pesticides e.g.
Lindane 99.9%
Atrazine 99.9%
Bentazone 99.9%
Trihalogens 99.23%

9 Entkalkungs Pads

with, without

Farbe Wassetto

anthracite, blue green, white


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