Premium annual package without mineral stones for AcalaQuell® Smart /Grande

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Removes 99.5% of the heaviest impurities from water.

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Premium annual package without mineral stones for: AcalaQuell® Smart and AcalaQuell®Grande

This annual package consists of:

AcalaQuell®Premiumcartridge : 3 times
Ceramic pre-filter: 1 time

Decalcification granules 12 times

With new additional minerals, we were able to improve our AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge one more time.

The unique AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge consists of 5 chambers:

  1. High performance activated carbon

    1b. Lime reduction

  2. Zeolite
  3. Alkaline Bio Ceramics

4.tourmaline bio ceramic and *Pi magnets

  1. Quartz sand with **EM ceramic

The AcalaQuell® Water Crystal was created with filter water from the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge.

The AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge is our first product and has been optimized several times. An AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge is an excellent filter with outstanding neutral taste and filtration performance.
With the performance of the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge, Acala has grown to the size it is today and we would like to claim that the Premium cartridge is also the best filter cartridge for open gravity water filters in terms of price/performance ratio.

The usage time is quite long at 4 months, which is why the cartridge can be classified as a good value. The AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge is supplemented with mineral stones, as the Premium cartridge itself makes the water very palatable, but does not affect the PH value. The mineral stones release minerals in ionic form and enrich the water, thereby changing the PH value slightly in the direction of alkaline.

The premium cartridge suitable for: AcalaQuell® Smart, AcalaQuell® Luna and AcalaQuell® Grande
(Not suitable for the water filter models; AcalaQuell® One and AcalaQuell® Swing)

The statutory liability for defects applies.

More information about the individual layers of the

AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge

The AcalaQuell® Premium is a sophisticated and multi-layer filter cartridge that physically/chemically purifies the water and makes your drinking water more lively and tasty in the same pass.

Activated carbon
(activated carbon) is a charge scavenger, which recognizes harmful substances by its intense charge and reliably filters them out of the water.
The optimized high-performance activated carbon has a surface area that is up to 600 times its natural size.
The purification is so sustainable that most of the checked substances are no longer detectable after filtration. Due to the extremely high filtration performance, activated carbon is very often used for water filtration.

acts as a catalyst and molecular sieve.1 gram of zeolite can have up to 1000m² of internal surface area, making it exceptionally powerful at absorbing substances.
Zeolite filters and binds free radicals and contributes significantly to the delicious taste of your Acala drinking water.

alkaline bioceramics
slowly releases calcium ions. This makes the water slightly alkaline (basic).
The effect of calcium ions in water is said to be longevity in Japan.
Acala bioceramics reflect infrared light steels and, according to Gerald H. Pollack at the University of Washington, enhance the formation of hexagonal structures in drinking water.

tourmaline bioceramics
has a “catalyst function” and thereby strengthens the energetic
Properties in the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge.

Quartz sand
has the function of the stream in nature. Your water regains its natural taste.


*PI magnetic technology
The integrated
PI magnetic technology
is part of the *Pi technology and helps to remove old patterns from the water

EM Ceramics

EM Ceramics
is used in the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge integrates and harmonizes the water
with the natural vibrations of the earth.

We have developed the Acala Quell Premium cartridge in long intensive research work according to the principle of nature. It not only purifies the water from hormone, drug residues, rust particles and toxins but also energizes the water and gives it back its natural structure.
The water tastes fresh and delicious and you will love drinking it.
The performance of the AcalaQuell® Premium cartridge has convinced our customers for years.

Ceramic filter:

The ceramic filter consists of a very fine porous ceramic with a pore size of 0.2µ to 0.4µ, which is finer than a human hair. It removes the coarse dirt particles from the tap water.

The recommended service life of the cartridge is 4 months and that of the ceramic filter is 1 year (depending on the contamination of the tap water).

The statutory liability for defects applies.

Annual supply of lime Additional filter

12 x decalcification granules, none, 24 x decalcification granules


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